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Famous Flute Players

The prime focus of this page is to offer information regarding some of the world famous flute players. The world is full of renowned flute players known to not only master this instrument, but also take it into the classical genre of music shows their great skills.

Listed below are a few of the most well known flute players:

Julius Baker
As famous flute player, he graduated from the Curtis Institute of Music and is known for producing world famous flute players from his studios.

Jeanne Baxtresser
She is best known for being the solo/principal flute player for the New York Philharmonic. Her book "Orchestral Excerpts for the Flute" has become a must-have for aspiring orchestral flute players.

Lori Bell
Well known among the celebrated flute players, he is an adjunct professor of flute at San Diego State University.

William Bennett
He has been the principal and famous flute player with the London Symphony and also received the National Flute Association's "Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2002.

Michel Debost
A professor of flute at Oberlin Conservatory of Music, this world famous flute player graduated in 1954 and has been the most important flutist with the Orchestre de Paris among others.

Sir James Galway
With over 50 albums in circulation, Galway began his musical career as a young boy playing the pennywhistle. Embarking on a highly successful solo career as a famous flute player, he has a wide variety of music performances under his belt.

Geoffrey Gilbert
Gilbert began playing the pennywhistle at age 6 and went on to become well respected and widely known both as a performer and teacher. He won the principal spot in the London Philharmonic Orchestra at age 19 and later became principal of the Royal Philhamonic, among other orchestras.

Marcel Moyse
Moyse's name is one of the well known well known flute players for his method books and teaching practices. He turned out many great flute players who went on to make their own mark.

There are many more world renowned flute players, but to cover them all would not be possible within the scope of this page. However just to name a few more of these celebrated flute players, William Kincaid, Rhonda Larson, Bill McBirnie, Mary Karen Clardy, Tadeu Coelho , Susan Milan, Aurele Nicolet, Emmanuel Pahud, James Pellerite, Johann Joachim Quantz, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Paula Robison, Gary Schocker, Elaine Shaffer, David Shostac, Renee Siebert, Fenwick Smith and many more..