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Types Of Modern Flute

The flute has grown notably over the past centuries into the modern flute instrument we're familiar with today. Today, the modern flutes range usually from the medium to smaller members of the flute family. There are many types of modern flutes, which are commonly made of made of nickel, plastic, brass, wood, platinum and even gold or silver. You will also come across larger versions of modern flutes being made today which include contrabass, double contrabass, and contralto flutes.

Discussing the modern flutes however, there are six main types of modern flutes:

1. Bass Flute in C - Having evolved during the 1920's, these kinds of modern flute are a substitute for the saxophone in jazz music. Its pitch is one octave lower than the ordinary flute.

2. Alto Flute in G - This type of modern flute has over a hundred years old history. It is a transposing instrument, which means that music written for it has a pitch different than what it really sounds. It is notated a 4th above its actual sound.

3. Tenor Flute - Also known as the flute d'amore in B flat by flute players, this kind of modern flute has been existing since Medieval times. It is pitched one step lower than the C flute.

4. Concert Flute in C – These types of modern flute has pitch is in C and the range covers over three octaves, starting from middle C.

5. Soprano Flute in E Flat – This modern flute has a range of three octaves and corresponds to a Concert C Flute.

6. Treble Flute in G - The G Treble Flute is generally accounts for the melody. These kinds of modern flutes have a three octave range which start from g1. It is also a transposing instrument, having its pitch 4th lower than its actual sound.