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Main Parts Of Flute

If you are thinking about becoming a flute player, it is very essential to understand the instrument first by getting familiar with the different parts of flute. The flute has the highest voice in the woodwind family of instruments and is often used in jazz and pop music. A very versatile musical instrument, here in this article we will take a look at the different parts of a flute.

There are three main parts of flute:

Head Joint
This part of flute touches the mouth and has no keys. The tuning cork which helps you to adjust the intonation of the flute is present on the head joint. The lip-plate, or the embouchure plate, is also found on the head joint. The blow hole, also called the mouth hole, can either be oval or round, is found on the head joint parts of the flute.

Body Joint
This is the biggest part of flute containing most of the keys. The body joint links the head and foot joint. The keys are pressed in order to create a certain pitch. To produce a good quality of sound, it is important to keep the key pads and springs in good condition. Apart from the keys, you will also find the tuning slide and tenons on these flute parts, which are basically used to tune the flute.

Foot Joint
This is the shortest part of flute consisting of a few keys. These parts of a flute have a rod which is important for it to be line up with the center of the keys in the body of the flute.

If you are seriously thinking of learning how to play flute then it is essential that you get well aware of the different parts of flute and their specific function. Many people enjoy playing flute. This short guide above will assist you in understanding the main parts of flute.