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Care And Maintenance Of Flute

So you have got your new flute. Just remember that only the proper care and maintenance of flute will help you gain maximum from your new partner in the long run. There are a lot of misconstructions about how to take care of flute among flute players. But it’s a lot simpler than one might think and takes less than a minute for flute care and maintenance. Just read on how to take care of flute in this article.

For the right care and maintenance of flute remember that both the inside and outside of the flute need to be cleaned. Cleaning the inside of the flute is important as you don't want your metal to corrode. Cleaning on the outside too is essential because you don't want the flute to look gross or any of the silver plating wearing down. Not cleaning the flute properly can make it look old in no time.

The flutes generally come with a rod with a long skinny hole at its end. Take a small piece of clean cloth or a handkerchief and put it through the hole in the rod. Put the rod and the cloth through the flute a few times. When cleaning the flute, the flute players should remember to clean all three parts of the flute separately. Flute care and maintenance on the outside will depend on how dirty your flute is. If you think your flute is really dirty, go for a professional cleaning. You can use a cloth to clean the flute if it is it only a little dirty. Maintaining the flute is important as you want the instrument to not only sound good but look good too. The cloth for cleaning the flute should be a highly absorbent material such as cotton or silk. flute players can also go for a polishing cloth.

When you press down a key and hear a sound like a kiss, you get to know that you have sticky pads. Pads are very sensitive, so they should be treated with utmost care. Use pad papers for the care and maintenance of flute. Place in the pad paper between the pad and tone hole. Then push down the key to blot the pad and then lift the key up, removing the paper. Never try to slide out the paper with the key still closed, as this can scratch the pad leading to an expensive repair! You can also use cigarette paper to get rid of sticky pads, but do not use paper like sheet music or printer paper because it will damage the pads.

Under no situations should one ever clean the flute under water, as this could permanently damage the pads, as they are not meant to get wet. In a nutshell we can see that only the right flute care and maintenance will help you gain maximum from the instrument as a flute player.