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This online resource is a one stop guide for the entire flute players. Read about Thefluteplayer.net and see what valuable information the site has to offer for the flute players. Learn about flutes to start with if you are new to the subject. Read about the flute history and acoustics. Know the different categories and types of flutes at Thefluteplayer.net. As a flute player, you should be well familiar with the main parts of the flute.

Thefluteplayer.net also shed light on the Western flutes, the Indian flutes, Chinese flutes and as well as the Japanese flute. Know the important info before buying a flute. Learn how to play a flute as well as the proper care and maintenance of the flute. Finally y the site winds up with giving a brief info about the famous flute players. As a flute player, you will find Thefluteplayer.net one of the best resources.